Ernie Lamprell - Lead Guitar: Ernie enjoys playing various types of popular music but really does excel as our "Hank". Audiences never fail to be impressed by the authenticity of his playing. He has been playing for many years in various bands including a very successful theatre tour with Jimmy Jemain (Stars in their Eyes winner as "Cliff") and Cliff Hall (Shadows Keyboard Player)

A fan once told him, he looked like Patrick Swayzy. Ever since, he has tried to include an element of "Dirty Dancing" in his Shadows moves!


Bruce Wheeler - Bass: Bruce auditioned and was chosen to be part of the "Young Once" in the early part of 2011. Straight away he fitted in, both musically and as one of the gang. He is an excellent bassist and never short of a helpful comment when the band are working through new material. He has played in a variety of high quality bands over the years and we are very fortunate to have him.

Dear old Jet Harris, famously once said, when Bruce's name came up in conversation - - - "who?".


Mick Norrington - Rhythm Guitar: Mick has now been re-Christened 'Rhythmick' : - ) and was one of the founder members of "Rich Clifford and The Saddows" some twelve years ago. His jovial personality and excellent rhythm playing is another very important facet of "The Young Once".

As a younger man, Mick practiced martial arts to black belt standard. He had many successful bouts under the fighting name of "Big Doris Norrington". Just one tiny suggestion, if you see him at a gig, don't call him 'Big Doris', because the response will always be, "pick a window, you're leaving"!


Rick Fitz-Patrick - Percussion: historically, a regular 'dep' musician to support the band, Rick has always been there for us. Rick is now joining us as our full time drummer. Rick has always worked well with Bruce to form a very tight rhythm section. Ricks fabulous technique and inventiveness, will enhance the band no end.


Julian "Rich Clifford' - Vocals: Julian first met his inspirational hero Cliff Richard in 1990, on the occasion of the legendary singer's 50th birthday celebrations at Birmingham NEC. He was invited to the event at the time 'by local band ‘Cut Loose ' who were booked to play for the singers birthday party after his concert there.

Julian’s talents extend to Vocalist, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter, creator of a collaborative album with Maldon based singer/songwriter ‘Rick Christian’, creating his own albums and was a founding member of the Tillingham based band “The Mays”.

Julian formally joined the band in the first quarter of 2013. Julian brings many things to the Band, not least of all fantastic vocals, good audience interaction, creativity and a fantastic sense of humour.



The Loss of A Good Friend


In April 2013, we lost our our gifted singer and good friend - John Bean.


John, you are greatly missed - Ernie, Mick, Bruce, Andy and Julian                                                                                                +++++